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3/6/10 02:08 pm - brillsville - A new all weather low cost friend

I'm fairly new on live journal, and need to make some good friends.
So if anyone out there in cyber land would like to join with me
and together we will make a difference
in this world where there once used to be plenty of trees
and places to play... 

"Happiness is a butterfly sitting on my shoulder..."

7/23/09 12:55 am - missjebbit - WalMart

So what does everyone think of Wal Mart's idea for the new tags they'll be displaying next to every product?


It's about time they do something good aside from screw the economy.

7/9/09 11:51 pm - missjebbit - Lets try this again!

Hello everyone, I'd like to get this community up and running again. I am growing increasingly aware of more ways to help this planet everyday and I'd like to share them with you all.

First of all I'd like to start with a list of products that do and don't test on animals. No animal should be forced to endure the pain of testing a product we use for hygiene. Please do you part to choose products that help our Earth and it's creatures, not kill them. I will be ridding my home of any and all products that are guilty of testing on animals.


Again, if anyone knows people who'd be interested in joining please send them in this direction!

7/23/08 10:44 pm - missjebbit - Hello, fellow Greenies!

Anyone ever see the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?"  It's definitely worth a watch, it's sad, and very informative about electric cars and hybrids as well hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.  

Also, I am proud to announce that I have been vegetarian for one month and 20 days.  I am 100% against the way animals are raised and treated and I refuse to consume them and support any such methods.  In addition, the animals for food industry alone produces more CO2 than any other kind of industry, which I am absolutely disgusted by.

Organic Horizon milk is produced hormone free and it is only collected from family owned farms, insuring that the cows have lived an enjoyable and healthy life.  They provide top veterinary care for those animals who are in need of it, unlike factory farming.  They also market a lactose free variety and chocolate milk!  I've never been a soy milk fan, so this is very exciting for me =)

Going green isn't always easy, but it can be with a little bit of time and effort and Earth-conscious decisions!  Going vegetarian is also not the easiest thing to do, but it's worth it not only for your own health but for those of our animal friends.

Hope everyone is doing well, lets invite more of your friends and get this community soaring!

5/3/08 12:43 am - missjebbit

I haven't posted to my group in a while but I found something interesting I thought I would share:


In addition, i hope everyone had a nice Earth Day! 

4/1/08 11:23 am - miss_celiek - Plastic Bags

I know that Whole Foods Market is no longer offering plastic bags and I definitely applaud them. I work at a grocery store (not WFM) that has plastic bags EVERYWHERE. Tho' they say they are concerned about the environment and offer a wide array of canvas bags, I'd say it's a small percentage of people who choose that option. I love that other countries are elminating or charging for plastic bags. Has it happened where you live?

Did anybody do the lights out on Saturday night? I was working so it was just like any other hour of any other day.

3/16/08 04:08 pm - missjebbit - Best Buy / Humans Meant to Destroy?

A few days ago, I was at a local Best Buy store and noticed something very awesome in their entrance way -- A recycling kiosk!  For old batteries, cell phones and ink cartridges!  I was ecstatic!  I also really enjoy looking at all of the new appliances stamped with the Energy Star logo.  It's strange how recycling and energy saving can become your lifestyle if you give it the chance to be.  My co-workers think I'm silly for saving my bottles from drinks and taking them home instead of pitching them in the trash.   

Also, the other day, I was just thinking about all of this global warming stuff and what not and how we will undoubtedly destroy our Earth if more people don't start caring about it and taking action.   But what if human beings were meant to destroy the world this way? What if we are here soley for the purpose?  Many people thrive to make the world a beautiful place but what if?  I know I'm probably incorrect about this, but it was just something odd that crossed my mind.

3/14/08 11:03 am - recyclist08 - Oliver Heath on the power of recycling

Hi all. This is a new video by British interior designer Oliver Heath on the great things that can be achieved by home recycling:


2/27/08 12:14 pm - missjebbit - Cafepress

Support This Site 

I recently signed up with Cafepress to start selling my designs, right now I have a green canvas tote bag and a mug. Everyone's feedback is welcome. 

2/26/08 11:06 pm - missjebbit - Thank you

I want to extend a thank you to those of you who've joined the group.  Feel free to post anything you find to be interesting and fitting for the group.  And don't forget to Invite your friends, too.

I've read recently about law-suits going on in attempts to ban the rBST-free labels from dairy products.  Mostly because it "confuses consumers" and because this cannot be tested in a lab and is thus "misleading."
Pennyslvania is among one of the states involved, so who knows, maybe sooner or later this part of our dairy labels will disappear.

In addition, the place where I work just posted a poster above our milk case stating that all of our brand milk will is rBST free.   What will become of this, I wonder?  I got this information from a website called Envirovore, you can sign up for a newsletter all about food and the stories behind it at www.envirovore.com

Thanks again everyone for joining!

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