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Best Buy / Humans Meant to Destroy?

A few days ago, I was at a local Best Buy store and noticed something very awesome in their entrance way -- A recycling kiosk!  For old batteries, cell phones and ink cartridges!  I was ecstatic!  I also really enjoy looking at all of the new appliances stamped with the Energy Star logo.  It's strange how recycling and energy saving can become your lifestyle if you give it the chance to be.  My co-workers think I'm silly for saving my bottles from drinks and taking them home instead of pitching them in the trash.   

Also, the other day, I was just thinking about all of this global warming stuff and what not and how we will undoubtedly destroy our Earth if more people don't start caring about it and taking action.   But what if human beings were meant to destroy the world this way? What if we are here soley for the purpose?  Many people thrive to make the world a beautiful place but what if?  I know I'm probably incorrect about this, but it was just something odd that crossed my mind.
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