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Hello, fellow Greenies!

Anyone ever see the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?"  It's definitely worth a watch, it's sad, and very informative about electric cars and hybrids as well hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.  

Also, I am proud to announce that I have been vegetarian for one month and 20 days.  I am 100% against the way animals are raised and treated and I refuse to consume them and support any such methods.  In addition, the animals for food industry alone produces more CO2 than any other kind of industry, which I am absolutely disgusted by.

Organic Horizon milk is produced hormone free and it is only collected from family owned farms, insuring that the cows have lived an enjoyable and healthy life.  They provide top veterinary care for those animals who are in need of it, unlike factory farming.  They also market a lactose free variety and chocolate milk!  I've never been a soy milk fan, so this is very exciting for me =)

Going green isn't always easy, but it can be with a little bit of time and effort and Earth-conscious decisions!  Going vegetarian is also not the easiest thing to do, but it's worth it not only for your own health but for those of our animal friends.

Hope everyone is doing well, lets invite more of your friends and get this community soaring!
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