Jaimie (missjebbit) wrote in letsgogreen,

Thank you

I want to extend a thank you to those of you who've joined the group.  Feel free to post anything you find to be interesting and fitting for the group.  And don't forget to Invite your friends, too.

I've read recently about law-suits going on in attempts to ban the rBST-free labels from dairy products.  Mostly because it "confuses consumers" and because this cannot be tested in a lab and is thus "misleading."
Pennyslvania is among one of the states involved, so who knows, maybe sooner or later this part of our dairy labels will disappear.

In addition, the place where I work just posted a poster above our milk case stating that all of our brand milk will is rBST free.   What will become of this, I wonder?  I got this information from a website called Envirovore, you can sign up for a newsletter all about food and the stories behind it at www.envirovore.com

Thanks again everyone for joining!

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