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Go Green

Save the World

Go Green, Save the World.
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Let's show the environment how much we care!

"Hell must know
there have been worse things I've done.
I'll hold out these hands
to receive the sound.
Purge these days,
will we accept the things we must?
The world will now learn
of change to come
...or no world.

-Coheed & Cambria - "The Reaping"-



Hello everyone and welcome to Lets Go Green!
Here in this community we will be focusing on
new and existing ways to help save our world
and keep it beautiful and habitable for future
generations of humans and animals alike.

There is but only one rule, post and share!
That's what you're joining for.

I invite you to say no to paper & plastic,
say YES to canvas shopping bags,
preach to your little heart's content
and get the word out there that
it WILL BE too late!
So let's put our heads together and go green!


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